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Relationships are at the Root of Everything we do.


Dear Hiring Committee,

I am excited to submit my application for the position of Scout Executive for the unique opportunity to serve the Yucca and the Great Southwest Councils. I have over 17 years of professional Scouting experience serving large and mid-size councils in the Boy Scouts of America. My background includes strength in membership recruiting and consistently meeting membership goals during my career.  Over the course of my career, I have served diverse communities in urban, suburban, and rural settings.  My current council is in the Top 50 nationwide for both ethnic diversity and market share.  For Scouting to grow, it must be made readily available to all and I am pleased to see that these councils have put an emphasis on introducing Scouting to diverse communities.

In addition to a strong track record of traditional fundraising, I oversaw the successful transition of Friends of Scouting to council program fees in 2020. I also served as the interim staff adviser to the development committee in 2021, where I shifted the mindset of the committee to redefine their roles and what constitutes a major gift. I have participated in multiple large-scale fundraising events over my career.

While I have always been able to find success at the fundamentals of the job, I am often told one of my greatest strength lies in staff management. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of getting the best work from my team.  Over the years, I have worked with staff that is both ethnically and age diverse. Additionally, I have twelve years of summer camp experience, two serving as Camp Director while a professional.  This was a large operation, managing over 60 staff members per summer.

The challenges presented over the last few years from the BSA bankruptcy, the Coronavirus, and in my case, multiple wildfires at multiple camps have given me the opportunity to learn how to overcome challenges. In 2021, we overcame these challenges in a big way! In addition to ending with a balanced budget of over 400K, we had a stronger fall recruiting season than we did in 2019, pre-Covid. Overcoming these obstacles is even more impressive when you consider that the San Francisco Bay Area (Pacific Skyline Council) had some of the most restrictive lockdowns and regulations in the entire country during the pandemic.

I consider myself a servant leader with a firm belief that relationships are at the root of everything we do. I’ve been fortunate to both work with and recruit the best volunteers that Scouting has to offer. Equally important is the trust you build with your staff. When you give your staff and volunteers the tools and support they need to be successful, you see the real magic of the old quote, “Volunteer Run, Professionally Guided.”

Thank you for your consideration. I am excited to be considered for the Scout Executive position and I am certain I can work with your volunteers and staff to provide world class experiences to your Scouts! I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours In Scouting,

Jeff Duer

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